Splitmo releases Air Show, an on-the-fly editor for your photo slideshows

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Splitmo releases Air Show, an on-the-fly editor for your photo slideshows

Ever want to change a photo in a slideshow once you've started it? If you answered with a resounding "yes," then you should check out AirShow. Developed by upstart mobile app company Splitmo, AirShow is a new iOS app that lets you edit a slideshow at the same time it is running on an HDTV screen.

At its core, AirShow is a slideshow editor and has all the basic tools you need to create a photo slideshow. The app takes images from your camera roll and allows you to add captions, crop a photo and rotate images before you add them to your presentation. It also allows you to create slideshows in advance and load them as needed during a presentation. Like any good slideshow tool, AirShow uses AirPlay to send your slideshows to your HDTV via an AppleTV.

AirShow's selling feature, though, is the app's ability to edit images on the fly while the slideshow is running. If you notice a mistake, you can delete a photo and insert a new one without anyone noticing. Users who want live content can even grab new images using their camera and add them into the slideshow on the fly. You can also control playback of the show by speeding it up, slowing it down or stopping it, if necessary.

AirShow performs exactly as promised. The AirPlay feature works wonderfully to send a slideshow of your favorite pictures to your HDTV. Editing also works smoothly, though it is fast-paced. I found that AirShow works best when you queue up a long line of images in your slideshow and work on the end of the show while the beginning plays. If you try to edit and play at the same time with 20-30 images, you better be fast with your fingers.

AirShow is available now in the iOS App Store for free.

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