Amazon announces X-Ray for Movies, a Kindle feature that uses IMDB to name the actors for you

Amazon is on a roll at its Kindle press event today, unveiling tons of new hardware, but it's also got some software tricks up its sleeve too: the company just announced X-Ray for Movies, a feature that uses the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) to name the actors for you. As you might know, Amazon already offers X-Ray for books, but this is the first time you can use the feature to get more information about films. To active X-Ray, just pause whatever you're watching and you'll see things like actor bios, a cast list and links to other titles (which you can purchase, natch). All told, not exactly a novel idea, but for Amazon, at least, it's a logical extension for X-Ray. Look for it on the new Kindle Fire HD or the smaller $159 Fire that was also announced earlier.