Hulu 'Face Match' feature attaches an actor's entire history to their mug

It seems like facial recognition is popping up everywhere these days, and now it's even on Hulu. We last checked in with Hulu Labs when it launched a ten-foot UI for PC viewers, and now it's back putting clickable squares on every actor's face that immediately pull up their background info, as seen above. So far, the feature is only set up for a few episodes of Glee, The Office, Wilfred, Modern Family and Lost, and it's completely optional, look for a newer show and punch the settings button to turn it on. It pulls info from Wikipedia, lists some of the actor's biggest roles and even links to Facebook and Twitter accounts in some cases. While its easy to use, on a PC it feels a bit like overkill (with IMDB and Google always a click away how much time are we saving?) but it worked effectively in the episode of The Office we watched -- US residents can take a peek at it embedded after the break.