Half-Minute Hero speeds onto PC September 27

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Half-Minute Hero speeds onto PC September 27
Half-Minute Hero speeds onto Steam September 27
Half-Minute Hero
is coming to PC on September 27, priced at $9.99 according to its listing on the Playism portal. It will also be available on Steam. This is the second port of the 2009 PlayStation Portable game, following its arrival on Xbox Live Arcade last year. The PC port includes all of the XBLA version's extra content, including the alternative high-res look.

Meanwhile, there remains no word on Half-Minute Hero's sequel reaching Western shores. Hero 30 Second, which focuses on and expands the first game's Hero 30 mode, was released in Japan last year on PSP.%Gallery-164540%
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Tokyo, Japan - (30... 29... 28...) Marvelous AQL (www.maql.co.jp), the Japanese publisher of
acclaimed console titles like No More Heroes, Muramasa: Demon Blade, and Harvest Moon, is
proud to announce (15... 14... 13...) the launch of Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax
Ultimate Boy on Steam and Playism. First launched in 2009, (7... 6... 5...) Half Minute Hero
was first launched on Sony PSP, and later Xbox Live...
(30... 29... 28...) Let's try that again – on September 27, Half Minute Hero will be live on Steam
and Playism, playable on all PC computers (19... 18... 17...). With only 30 seconds to complete
each mission (9... 8... 7...), the game has proven to be incredibly addictive and earned a
Metacritic rating of 84%...
(30... 29... 28...) One more time... The most complete Half Minute Hero yet, it will feature all
the content and the features (21... 20... 19...) from the previous versions for PSP and Xbox,
such as "Hero 300" - the challenging 300 second final chapter from the Xbox, (11... 10... 9...)
as well as the exciting Knight 30, Hero 30, and Evil Lord 30 game modes from the PSP... OVER!>
(30... 29... 28...) Right – let's wrap this up. Half Minute Hero gets the job done in 30 seconds,
so we will too. We'll be running the shortest promotional campaign in video game history (21...
20... 19...)

The game will be available for download at 10:00am US Pacific time Thursday, September 27th
(6:00 pm UK). At that time, for precisely 30 seconds, we'll be giving away free download codes
for the Steam version at www.halfminutehero.com or via our Twitter feed (@HalfMinuteHero).
(11... 10... 9...) The first people to use the codes will receive the complete game.

Fans of the game will have two more opportunities on Friday the 28th for this free download
promotion. (6... 5... 4...) The first will be at 8am US Pacific Time (4pm UK). The last chance
will be two hours later at 10am US Pacific time (6pm UK).
All the features. All the game modes. Let the 30 second games begin...

Marvelous AQL, Inc. (Public, TYO:7844) is a leading publisher and developer of console, social
and mobile games, known for titles such as No More Heroes, Harvest Moon and Little King's
Story. The company was created as a result of a 2011 merger between publishers Marvelous
Entertainment, AQ Interactive and mobile/ social developer Liveware.

With over 400 employees, 10.5B¥ revenue in 2011, and offices in Japan, Europe and the United
States, Marvelous AQL is now actively seeking developing and publishing partners for the next
generation of online and mobile games.
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Half-Minute Hero speeds onto PC September 27