Rock Band Blitz coin system adjusted, more coins for all

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|09.06.12

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Rock Band Blitz coin system adjusted, more coins for all
The economy is rough all over, including inside of video games that just came out, apparently. In response to player feedback collected from Facebook, Twitter and its official forums, Harmonix has changed how coins are earned in its PSN/XBLA score-chasing music game, Rock Band Blitz.

First off, power-up costs have been adjusted and Track, Note and Overdrive doodads now cost 100, 200 and 250 coins respectively. The amount of coins earned at the end of a song has also changed; players now receive 100 coins per star earned during the song. Additionally, Score Wars winners will now be granted 1,500 coins, with Score Wars losers taking home 500 coins.

Basically, earning more coins more quickly means that players will have to spend less time grinding, and will be less frequently unable to purchase the power-ups needed to potentially earn a song's maximum score. Also, you ever look at a word so long you stop being able to tell whether its spelled correctly? That's where we're at with coins. Coins, coins coins. Coins coins coins -- coins. Coins?
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