Point and click on these GoG adventure game discounts

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|09.07.12

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Point and click on these GoG adventure game discounts
Okay let's see, I've got a map of the basement, two spools of thread, a key with a skull on it and four packs of gummi fruit snacks in the inventory. Something in here has to let me turn on the computer so I can write an article about GoG's 50 percent off sale on adventure games. Maybe the fruit snacks?

"You can't use that here."

Damn it, like there's ever a time when you can't eat fruit snacks. There's got to be something in this room that I haven't clicked on yet; I can't get the codec to decipher the diary unless I write a post about how Resonance, Botanicula, Machinarium, The Whispered World and the Blackwell Bundle are all on sale for the next three days or so. Maybe I can click on the power outlet?

Bzzzzt ... thud.
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