PSA: To the Moon is on Steam to make Sunday dreams come true

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Jessica Conditt
September 9th, 2012
PSA: To the Moon is on Steam to make Sunday dreams come true
To the Moon is now on Steam in German, French, Italian and English, as promised earlier this month, and it's on sale for 20 percent off through September 14. With the sale, To the Moon is $8 as a standalone or $10 bundled with the soundtrack, which includes two bonus tracks not in the game.

Those who purchased To the Moon direct from Freebird Games' website can snag the Steam version for free by sending an email with your order ID to steam [at] freebirdgames [dot] com. Developer Kan Gao is manually sending out Steam keys once he gets them and he asks for patience in this process.

Freebird is working on the second episode of To the Moon and a "short game set in the same universe before that," Gao says. He offers a preview of a song from one of these games right here.

To the Moon comes highly recommended from some of the people you trust most in the world.
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