Intel wraps up Jelly Bean port for Atom smartphones, can't say when devices get it

Intel was fast to promise a port of Jelly Bean to Atom-based smartphones. We were left in the dark as to when that port would be ready, but mobile group general manager Mike Bell has put that to rest for PCWorld with news that the Medfield-native Android 4.1 build is both complete and running on Intel workers' devices -- including his. Before dreaming of Google Now searches on an Orange San Diego, though, we'd warn that the usual delays apply. Bell notes that phone makers and the carriers still need go through the lengthy process of signing off on any upgrades. Existing owners will no doubt find it frustrating to be so close and yet so far, although the limbo at least proves that Intel-based hardware isn't being held back relative to its competition; ARM-running phone manufacturers are in the same boat.