Castle Crashers clocks in over 3 million 'knights in the making'

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Castle Crashers clocks in over 3 million 'knights in the making'
The Castle Crashers leaderboards crested 3 million players this month, meaning "over three million humans have hacked and slashed their way into a castle in hopes of gaining animated glory," as The Behemoth puts it.

"Reaching the 3 million in leaderboards means a lot to us for so many reasons," The Behemoth writes. "It shows us that there is still demand for 2D games like Castle Crashers. It motivates us to keep on creating fresh and original content like in Castle Crashers."

Castle Crashers launched on XBLA the summer of 2008, came to PSN in 2010 and was recently announced for Steam. It consistently remains one of the top-selling XBLA games each month and has sold more than 2 million copies on XBLA alone.

The Behemoth's next game, Battleblock Theater, has been in development since 2009 and we eagerly await a release date any day now.
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