CCP shares EVE's social calendar

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CCP shares EVE's social calendar
EVE invites you to meet the devs
It's the busy season for conventions and expos. There are events running all 'round the world, and now you can know which ones CCP is taking part in. Flip open your calendar and ring up your travel agent if you've got your heart set on meeting your favorite EVE Online devs.

The EVE DUST Summerfest runs this weekend, September 14th-16th, in Loutraki, Greece. It's followed shortly by the Tokyo Game Show on the 20th-23rd. The player-organized VETO EVE event is in London on the 29th, so if you're in town for the Eurogamer Expo, which runs from the 27th-30th, you might as well check it out. After that, the party moves to Igromir in Moscow, Russia before winding up in the Las Vegas for EVE Vegas.

Check out the EVE blog for full details and hit up the official forums for word of more player meetups.
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