Double telepresence bot spotted in the wild, we go eyes-on (video)

Double Robotics' telepresence bot showed up on our radar a few weeks back, and today we got to chat with its creators and see the thing in person. As a quick refresher, Double is a two-wheeled self balancing bot that turns your iPad into a telepresence screen. Company co-founder Marc DeVidts shared a few more details about his bot, letting us know that it's powered by a 28.8V, 2.9Ah lithium ion cell. And, it turns out the Double's controls aren't app-dependant -- it can be operated by either an iPad running the company's app or by web browser. For now, it's iPad-only, but because Double communicates with Apple slates via Bluetooth, the possibility for Android compatibility does exist, even though the company currently has no plans to make it happen. While you iPad owners wait for the one you undoubtedly just ordered to arrive, check out our video of Double's deliberate moves after the break.%Gallery-165183%