Microsoft gifts full-time employees with Surface tablets, Windows 8 phones and PCs

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Microsoft gifts full-time employees with Surface tablets, Windows 8 phones and PCs

Reprising a Windows Phone 7 giveaway from back in 2010, Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer announced at the company's annual event that all 90,000 or so full-time employees are getting a taste of its latest hardware. That's one Surface for Windows RT tablet and Windows Phone 8 phone (we're told that last time around these came with two year contracts) in late December, along with a new touch compatible office computer running Windows 8, presumably arriving sooner. Forbes indicates those PCs can be a desktop, laptop, ultrabook or tablet, and we have a pic of one employee's new Lenovo-built slate running Windows 8 on a Core i7 CPU with 8GB of RAM after the break. Pulling an Oprah, again, isn't just one way to improve employee morale, it also ensures everyone's familiar with the new products as they roll out and are ready to tell people about them. Will that provide the necessary bump to catch up with the competition from Apple and Google? Only time will tell, but if you're wondering what to say when someone asks if every single person wants a Surface then our advice follows after the break.

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Microsoft gifts all 90,000 employees with Surface tablets plus Windows 8 phones and PCs

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