MMObility: Glitch's change log describes a very busy Tiny Speck

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MMObility: Glitch's change log describes a very busy Tiny Speck
Glitch screenshot
Glitch has quietly been working its way through beta, adding new content and tweaking exisiting content while many wanna-be players await their turn in the world of Ur. I love the fact that I can log out of the game for several days or a week and log back in to find some newer, better way to play. I'm a bit shocked that the game is taking as long as it has to "re-launch" because it has been a very wonderful and airtight experience for a while. I have a feeling the team at Tiny Speck is a bit on the obsessive side.

How many updates have there been? If you aren't following @PlayGlitch (or @GlitchLog) on Twitter or reading up on the official blog or forums, now is as good a time as any. But I thought it'd be a good idea to round up some of the best for you.

Glitch upgrade screenshot
Before I post the change logs, you should ask anyone who is currently playing whether he or she has a free friend invite to get you into the game. I've given out several and have some left at the time of this writing, but it seems that many players are forgetting to give them out or are not aware that they have them. If you have wanted to get into the game for a while now, post a request in the comments section and maybe we can all help each other out!

Now, check out some of these change logs along with my comments:
Friends page ( now has a "Recently Active" sort option (and "remove friend" button available when sorting that way).
This is great for those of us who add as many friends as possible. I get quite a few invites just because of my coverage of the game, so sorting and removing is a wonderful thing.
New storytime quest released: "The Greedy Street Spirit." This is how new players get their emo bear now. Awwwww.
I honestly have no idea what this quest is. I have an emo bear, but I cannot remember how I got it. The point is that this is referring to a new quest. Quests in Glitch are fun and valuable but can sometimes feel a little grindy. The more story quests or quests that give out neat prizes, the better.
You are now warned that speeded-up-learning will be lost if you try to switch skills you are learning in-game and your learning is sped up.
This reads in a confusing way, but essentially it's telling us that a warning will now pop up when switching from a sped-up skill to another. It's handy if you still have skills to learn, but I don't. I finished learning all of the skills (at least the ones that do not require new quests or achievements) a few weeks ago!
The experimental GPU renderer (faster for many computers) is now available for testing.
I need to try this out, but not because Glitch performs poorly for me. The great thing about Glitch is that it is browser- and Flash-based, so performance is not really an issue. I can enjoy it on my gaming rig as well as on my touchscreen netbook.
There are suddenly 10 new home street/yard styles available (5 interior and 5 exterior). Some of them are soooooo great! So are the others!!
A player can change his or her instanced home's design in a lot of ways. In fact, the housing in Glitch is now so robust that it could easily be a game by itself. This tweet is basically letting us know that we know have many more designs to spend a lot of imagination on!
You can now gift credits to other players. To do so, start on their profile page or go here: - they'll love you ++++!!
The great thing about this new gifting ability is that it's something I wish more cash-shop games had. I want to be able to hand out credits if I want to. Some developers seem as though they want to almost force every player to buy credits. In my opinion, it works the opposite way: If I give credits to a player who has none, that player is pretty likely to get hooked into the fun of shopping and will buy more credits later.
So many bug fixes: shucking seeds with a full inventory, quest timers interrupted by new day, keyboard focus in NPC story dialogs & 11 more.
You get used to tweets like this as a Glitch fan. Basically it's yet another announcement of bug fixes. Honestly I never knew the game had so many bugs until I saw how many were squished by the developer team! Perhaps they are making some of them up just to look good? Who doesn't like a good conspiracy theory?
You are now limited to 1,000 friends because ... come ON! That's crazy! (You can still people who add you, or those you invite to the game.)
I have a lot of friends on my friends list, and more are added all the time. If I go through a much more active time in Glitch, or if one of my articles is spread through official channels or forum, I get even more requests. I love looking through my list and seeing just how much differences there are between all of the Glitchen. Such a simple customization system should not be able to offer such variety! It must be magic... or imagination!

That's quite a list, huh? Here's the kicker: Those are just some of the change logs from this month alone, announced between September 4th and September 7th! At the time of this writing the month is not even half over. Tiny Speck's devs are masters at not only fixing and changing the game they make but communicating those changes as well. It's quite staggering when I come back to find so many different options waiting for me.

All of this within a browser? That's just perfect.

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