Adventure Time 'Game Making Frenzy' gives way to Game Playing Frenzy

Adventure Time Game Jam

The Adventure Time Game Making Frenzy has come to an end, and jammers who worked locally in Austin, TX, or distributed throughout the world have begun posting playable, hastily made games based on the whimsical cartoon series to "BMO," an online game jam platform designed specifically for this event. Many can be downloaded, and some can even be played in your browser.

Some randomly picked highlights include ADVENTURE MINUTE, a one-minute top-down adventure by Jan Willem Nijman of Vlambeer and Kitty Calis; C'mon, Grab Your Friends, a game that interprets a line from the theme song literally, about using Jake's stretchy arms to grab only friendly characters; Crossbow Chaos, a surprisingly pretty pixelated shmup by Gold_Ninja; the lovely The Legend of Finn, an impressive sidescrolling platformer by MiniBoss; and no fewer than three games based on Drop Ball, the extremely addictive high intensity game of holding a ball between your buttocks and then dropping it at the opportune movement.

Above: Drop Ball Kinect. What did you do this weekend?