Apple's new iPod touch, nano and shuffle now up for pre-order on Amazon

Sure, all the talk of late is about Apple's shiny new iPhone 5, but let's not forget the company also unveiled a slew of fresh iPods back at the Yerba Buena Center this past week. And while the Cupertino outfit's had the music-friendly lineup for pre-order on its website from day one, folks can now start placing orders through Amazon as well. The only bad news is the revamped iPod touch shows an estimated shipping time of 3-5 weeks, while the "renanoed" nano and the tiny, colorful shuffle are both expected to be shipped in 2-5 weeks. As far as pricing goes, the MSRP tags are the same as Apple's -- though there is a better chance you could get them a bit quicker thanks to one of Amazon's renowned shipping options. Either way, you'll find 'em all at the source link below.