CastleMiner Z cracks one million, still fastest-selling XBLIG

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CastleMiner Z cracks one million, still fastest-selling XBLIG
DigitalDNA Games is popping corks right now, having surpassed the one million download mark for its Xbox Live Indie Games offering, CastleMiner Z. The self-described "voxel/sandbox zombie survival game" became the first XBLIG game to sell one million copies, DigitalDNA Games says, in little over 10 months.

CastleMiner Z, the sequel to CastleMiner, surpassed 900.000 copies sold just last month. CastleMiner Z is currently available on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 MS Points ($1).
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CastleMiner Z by DigitalDNA Games, becomes the first Xbox Live Indie game to sell over 1 Million units, achieving this in only 10 months, making it the best selling Xbox Live Indie game of all time. CastleMiner Z has been the daily best selling game for over 10 months, which is a record for Xbox Live indie games.

CastleMiner Z is voxel/sandbox zombie survival game, where the player can build and mine in an infinitely large but very hostile world, crafting items from the environment needed to survive including a range of guns and ammunition.

The game is a sequel to the hit game CastleMiner, which had similar success on Xbox Live Indie Games, and was a purely creative online building experience.

Currently the developer DigitalDNA Games, has not 1 but the top 3 daily bestselling titles on the system, CastleMiner Z, CastleMiner and Avatar Laser Wars 2.
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