Powerful, fast audio editor Fission updated to version 2, available on Mac App Store

Victor Agreda Jr
V. Jr|09.17.12

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Victor Agreda Jr
September 17th, 2012
Powerful, fast audio editor Fission updated to version 2, available on Mac App Store

Rogue Amoeba does magical things with audio on the Mac. I've long been a fan of their software, and one of their best applications just got a big update with Fission 2. If you've ever wanted to split, edit, join or otherwise mangle audio clips regardless of format, Fission is a great tool. Not only that, the magic sauce in Fission keeps quality of the audio high even when dealing with formats like MP3.

A couple of new features of note include support for making Enhanced Podcasts using AAC and SoundCloud support built right in.

Full press release below, but if you go to Rogue Amoeba's website you can download a generous demo version. If you're already familiar with Fission 2, buy it in the Mac App Store. Previous owners of Fission have an upgrade path, and if you bought a copy after April 1 of 2012, your upgrade should be free.

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September 17th, 2012

Fission 2 - Fast Audio Editing on the Mac Is Better Than Ever

Fission IconBoston, MA - Rogue Amoeba is proud to announce the availability of the next major version of this fabulous software: Fission 2. Rogue Amoeba's snappy audio editor Fission has long been the tool of choice for editing audio files quickly and easily, with none of the quality loss caused by typical audio editors. Now, it's better than ever.

The most noticeable change in Fission 2 is the complete overhaul of its user interface. Every aspect of Fission has been examined and considered, with enhancements made across the board. The editing workflow is now a snap to learn for new users. Existing users of Fission will be instantly familiar with version 2, but will also enjoy a gorgeous new interface that's as fast to use as ever.

As well, Fission is no longer limited to saving to a file's original format; thanks to a new exporting engine, Fission can now export audio to a multitude of file formats. After editing a file, users can save it to MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AIFF, or WAV, getting the exact audio file and format desired.

The new Batch Converter tool uses that same engine to make it possible to transcode dozens of files in seconds. Drop an album's worth of FLAC files on the Batch Converter, and you can have a folder full of MP3s with just 2 clicks. Converting from one format to another format couldn't be simpler.

Speaking of FLAC, Fission now has full support for the popular lossless audio format. FLAC files can be opened, edited, and saved, making it possible to change them as needed, or just export them to a smaller format for portability. Fission 2 now also supports WAV audio files, in addition to its "original four" formats of MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF.

Improvements to saving aren't limited to just file formats either, as Fission now has support for sharing directly to SoundCloud. SoundCloud is the world's leading social sound platform, allowing anyone to create sounds and share them everywhere. With SoundCloud support in Fission, it's now easier than ever to get audio onto the web and shared with others.

Put it all together and Fission 2 adds up to one of the fastest and easiest-to-use audio editors in the world! All this and more is now available in Fission's free trial, right from our site.

Key Features In Fission 2

Brand New Interface: This update features a gorgeous new interface, streamlined for fast and easy use, and offering both dark and a light themes.

Multiple Windows: You can now open multiple audio files simultaneously in Fission, for easy copying and pasting back and forth, or simply to multitask.

Cross-Format Conversions: Export from AIFF to AAC, from Apple Lossless to MP3, or any other combination you desire.

Batch Conversions Too: With the new Batch Converter, it's a snap to convert dozens of files with just a few clicks.

Chapterized AAC Files: Podcasters rejoice! Fission lets you make Enhanced Podcasts with AAC in just seconds.

SoundCloud Support: Upload audio directly to your SoundCloud account.

New Formats: Fission now offers full support for opening, editing, and saving the FLAC and WAV audio formats, in addition to MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF.

Plenty of other stuff too!

Links & Information

Fission can be purchased through the Mac App Store or directly from Rogue Amoeba's online store for just $32. A fully-functional free trial is available on the Rogue Amoeba site. While in its trial state, the quality of audio saved through Fission will be degraded through a series of audio fades.

Owners of older versions of Fission can upgrade for just $15. For users who purchased Fission after April 1st, 2012, a complimentary upgrade is being provided, with upgrade information being sent directly via email.

Fission information link: http://rogueamoeba.com/fission

Direct download link: http://rogueamoeba.com/fission/download.php
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