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Hasselblad announces Lunar mirrorless camera, fancies up Sony's NEX-7 for 5,000 euros

Hasselblad announces Lunar mirrorless camera, fancies up Sony's NEX-7 for 5,000 euros
Brian Heater
Brian Heater|September 18, 2012 8:37 AM

The bar's pretty high when your company is behind the first camera in space. Hasselblad's looking to build on that theme with its new Lunar mirrorless, which according to the company "revives the timeless charm" of 1957's 500c -- and if nothing else, the camera's got a curvy, space age body, built out of high grade aluminum with either a carbon fiber (available in black, silver or titanium colors) or wood (beech, olive, pear or mahogany) grip.

Inside, you'll get a Bionz processor and an APS-C 24.3 megapixel sensor. The Lunar has a 10 frames per second burst mode, full HD recording and sports a 100 to 16000 ISO range. On the rear, you'll find a swiveling three-inch display. All of that's packed into a body that weighs roughly a pound.

Update: While we didn't quite realize it at first, the layout of the camera and its specs are clearly that of a rehashed NEX-7. As SonyAlphaRumors points out, the shooter accepts Sony's e-mount lenses and is part of new partnership between the two photography giants -- looks like we're soon to have even more Sony cameras re-purposed as Hasselblad's, similar to Leica and Panasonic. While the NEX-7 itself will run you roughly $1,100 to 1,200k (body-only vs. with a kit lens), SAR has the Lunar pegged at $5,000 Euro (about $6,530, or six NEX-7s). That's almost $1k more than Leica's utilitarian M-E and about as much as an M9 for, those keeping count -- but hey, at least the lunar can shoot video, right?

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