iPhone 5 gets mild teardown, reveals its precious new innards

With Apple's shiny new iPhone 5 set to start arriving at people's doorsteps tomorrow, it's only proper for some folks with early access to give the masses an inside look at what most won't ever get to see. And while it isn't the usual suspects doing the damage favor on this occasion, we still appreciate the iPhone-Garage crew for taking the time to dismantle Cupertino's novel handset. As you can see above, the iPhone 5's innards aren't set up much differently than those of its predecessors, the 4 and 4S, which is to be expected given the similar form factors between them. That said, the battery has found a semi-new home at the front end of the device, while the most obvious change is the headphone jack now being located at the bottom, next to that newfangled Lightning port. There's an extra pic down below for everyone's viewing pleasure, but we recommend checking out the source link to get a better glimpse of the full teardown treatment.

iPhone 5 gets mild teardown, reveals its precious innards