iPhone 4S gets teardown treatment, Siri gasps in terror (updated)

Sure, plenty of folks are still waiting for their shipments to arrive, but Apple's latest magical handset is already baring its innards, courtesy of the screwdriver-wielding mad scientists at iFixit. The teardown is still carrying the "In Progress" badge at the moment, but among the findings thus far is the discovery of a slightly larger battery. Can the stash of magic dust be too far behind?

Update: The good folks over at iFixit have finished mucking about the iPhone 4S's innards and have confirmed the handset's packing 512MB of DDR2 RAM, an updated Qualcomm MDM6610 chip and 16GB of NAND flash memory courtesy of Toshiba. Idle hands'll be happy to know the phone's been awarded a six out of ten repairability rating -- it's not quite amateur territory, but you don't have to be a pro to get your hands dirty.