Samsung 'likely to add' the iPhone 5 to its Apple lawsuit

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.20.12

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Samsung 'likely to add' the iPhone 5 to its Apple lawsuit

The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung is "likely" to add Apple's new iPhone 5 to its ongoing patent lawsuit against the company from Cupertino because, well, why not, right? Apple demolished Samsung in the recent ruling, and Samsung is now carrying out a second lawsuit against eight more patents, so the iPhone 5 may be thrown in there as well. A Samsung representative tells the WSJ that it will need to "analyze" the device first, but if it finds any evidence of infringement, it'll get thrown on the pile of evidence already set up for the case.

This new case will be tried by the same judge, Lucy Koh, and there's a hearing next Wednesday for the three parties to figure out how the case should proceed. Right now, the actual trial is tenatively scheduled for sometime in March of next year, so Samsung should have plenty of time to do its "analysis" and get the iPhone 5 in the casework, too.

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