Google will not kill Snapseed or other Nik software

Mel Martin
M. Martin|09.21.12

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Mel Martin
September 21st, 2012

A lot of photographers and artists were worried about what would happen to some of their favorite products after Nik Software was purchased by Google earlier this month.

Snapseed, HDR EFX Pro and Color EFX Pro, along with other Photoshop and Aperture plug-ins are extremely popular in the Mac universe. Google often buys a company for its technology, and then the company (or its product) quietly disappears. Not so with Nik, according to Google's Senior VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra.

"Earlier this week I proudly welcomed Nik Software to Google. They've been making pictures more awesome for 17 years, and we're excited to bring Nik's expertise to the entire Google community.

I also want to make something clear: we're going to continue offering and improving Nik's high-end tools and plug-ins. Professionals across the globe use Nik to create the perfect moment in their photographs, and we care deeply about their artistry."

So if you use Nik products on your Mac or on iOS that's welcome news.

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