Sony's HMZ-T2 3D headset at TGS: gaming at close range (video)

Sony's second generation 3D visor didn't make a big splash back at IFA, but the HMZ-T2 certainly has a pigeonhole at Tokyo's premier gaming event. In addition to the headset's substitutional reality prototype, the standard model stakes claim to almost a fifth of PlayStation's demo area. With all the local buzz, we decided to weigh in on how the $900 headgear shapes up as a gaming display. The answer? Heavily. Out of necessity, the HMZ-T2 crams the majority of its hardware in front of the users eyeballs, bearing most of its weight on the nose. Over extended gaming sessions, we could see this becoming uncomfortable -- and indeed, in our short time with the device we found our neck relaxing, begging to give in to the weight of the device. As silly as hung-head gaming might appear, however, the visual effect certainly does the trick -- creating the illusion of a large 3D television 4-6 feet in front of the user. It didn't add anything to Hot Shots Golf 6 in terms of gameplay or experience, but it certainly comes in a more compact form than a full size television. The fancy headgear could surely be a boon for gamers living in a tight space, but folks with room (and cash) to spare are probably better off with a proper flat screen. On the other hand, visors are way more futuristic looking. Don't believe us? See us get our Geordi La Forge on after the break.

Billy Steele contributed to this report.