Star Trek Online producer says game is 'kicking butt'

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.21.12

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Star Trek Online producer says game is 'kicking butt'
Star Trek Online producer says game is 'kicking butt'
Star Trek Online Producer Daniel Stahl isn't beating around the bush about the state of the game. According to him, STO has both purpose and a leg-up on much of the industry.

"When you consider what it takes to run an MMO in today's highly competitive marketplace," Stahl writes, "STO has been kicking some butt. Despite what some may think, we have a deliberate path and long-term goals that we've been tracking quite well against. STO has not only survived, but is thriving at a time when many MMOs have kicked or are about to kick the bucket."

Stahl goes on to rally the troops by citing how much the team has accomplished this year and what its focus is on for November's Season 7 update and beyond. The team's biggest priorities are in enriching the foundry, overhauling PvP, buffing up Klingon content, and a possible Romulan faction.

He also mentioned that Cryptic has hired "great talent" from 38 Studios and Paragon Studios to join the team.
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