Wahoo Fitness introduces RFLKT: an iPhone-powered bike computer that lets handsets stay in pockets

Wahoo Fitness introduces RFLKT: an iPhone-powered bike computer that lets handsets stay in pockets

Sure, you can turn your smartphone into a bike computer, but if you'd rather not put your pricey piece of tech anywhere near harm's way, Wahoo Fitness' RFLKT Bike Computer offers an alternative. Instead of packing all the brains, the device sits atop a bicycle's handlebar and displays data it's fed via Bluetooth 4.0 from cycling apps running on an iPhone 4S or 5. At launch, the hardware will support the firm's own Cyclemeter application and Wahoo Fitness App which can monitor ride information ranging from location to speed, in addition to heart rate with an additional accoutrement. Aspiring Alberto Contadors can page through data and even sift through tunes on their playlist with the help of buttons on the device's side. Gently tipping the scales at 2 ounces, the RFLKT measures up at 2.4- x 1.6 x 0.5-inches and boasts a one-year battery life on a single coin cell. Wahoo's gadget is slated for a December launch, but there's still no word on pricing. For more specifics, take a gander at the full press release below.

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Wahoo Fitness Debuts the RFLKT Bike Computer, the World's first iPhone Powered Cycling Computer

Using Bluetooth 4.0 cyclists can wirelessly send cycling App data, images and workout info from their iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 to the handlebar mounted RFLKT Bike Computer

Atlanta, Ga. – September 20, 2012 – Wahoo Fitness debuts the world's first iPhone powered cycling computer, the RFLKT Bike Computer. Using Bluetooth 4.0 cyclist can now transmit data from their iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 wirelessly to the handlebar mounted RFLKT. Wahoo Fitness' RFLKT is being demoed for the first time today at Interbike 2012 in Las Vegas, NV and will be available in the U.S this December.

Wahoo Fitness' RFLKT Bike Computer reflects all the fitness monitoring data and social media capabilities of the iPhone's top cycling Apps, making it available in a sleek, lightweight designated cycling computer. Cyclists routinely carry their iPhone in their back jersey pocket for safety, as well as fitness App and GPS purposes. The handlebar mounted RFLKT, wirelessly receives all App data, images, and ride info from the iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 via Bluetooth 4.0. Equipped with control buttons, cyclists can operate their favorite cycling App, toggle between screens, start/stop timer and even control iPhone functionality such as music playback, all from the RFLKT while the iPhone remains safely in a jersey pocket or bike mounted compartment.

"Cyclists told us that they wanted their iPhone and cycling Apps at the center of their cycling experience, while still having a dedicated bike computer that could remain on the bike at all times. The RFLKT gives cyclists the best of both worlds," says Mike Stashak, head of marketing and sales for Wahoo Fitness. "Cyclists are carrying their iPhone in their back jersey pocket for safety and tracking their ride using their favorite App anyway, why not use the iPhone to monitor the workout in real-time as well? The RFLKT harnesses the iPhone's powerful GPS, App data and social networking, transferring it wirelessly to a classic handlebar mounted bike computer consistent with today's high-end road and mountain bikes."

Wahoo Fitness has fully integrated the iPhone into all aspects of cycling fitness. With Wahoo's speed & cadence sensor for iPhone, heart rate monitor for iPhone, the recently unveiled KICKR Power Trainer and now the RFLKT iPhone Bike Computer, Wahoo users can track and power their cycling with their iPhone on the road, the trail and the trainer. Wahoo Fitness' iPhone cycling system allows users to monitor all the vitals including power, speed, cadence, heart rate, pace, distance, location, course and more.

RFLKT iPhone Bike Computer features include:

  • Wirelessly receives data, images and cycling App features from the iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 via low-energy Bluetooth 4.0

  • From the RFLKT cyclists can navigate screens, start/stop timer, control music playback and additional App features, while the iPhone remains securely in your jersey pocket or bike mounted compartment

  • Coin cell operated, requires no recharging with a battery life of 1 year.

  • Weighs 2 ounces and measures 2.4" L x 1.6" W x 0.5" H, making it lightweight and compact like the top bike computers on the market.

The Wahoo Fitness RFLKT iPhone Bike Computer will be available in December 2012 at a price TBD.

Cycling App Compatibility:

At launch, RFLKT will be compatible with top rated cycling App, Cyclemeter, as well as the Wahoo Fitness App, with more scheduled to roll out in the future. The RFLKT provides an always-on display and buttons that are intelligently integrated with Cyclemeter's features. RFLKT's pages can be configured to display more than 150 statistics that Cyclemeter captures in real-time, such as current heart rate, remaining interval time, or previous split average cadence. For more information on Cyclemeter visit

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