FXI's Cotton Candy finally starts to ship, hopes your sugar rush remains (video)

Way back at CES, FXI's Cotton Candy was a sweet looking slice of Android and / or Linux mini-PC. Since then, the pendroid club has seen quite a few more join its number. However, if you were one of the faithful that got on-board with FXI's particular take on the form-factor early, then that little box of ARM Cortex A9 joy is finally available to buy. We've received word that pre-orders are now finally ready to be fulfilled, with early buyers getting developer versions. This of course means that you might pay a small price for such eager adoption, with a list of limitations including mixed video playback and streaming support, as well as potential issues with power from USB hosts. That said, we suspect that if you've been able to wait this long, these are small prices to pay, along with the $199 asking price, naturally. Give the source a whirl to get your teeth into one now.

[Thanks, Michael]