Public Cloudee beta blows in with desktop uploader, new web interface, iPhone 5 optimization

Boxee already has its fingers in quite a few video streaming pies, and now the company has launched the Cloudee service into public beta to let your store and share your own movies. The iPhone or iPod app allows clips to be uploaded and shared with a select group of pals, while permitting commenting and liking in a similar fashion to Google+. The company has also introduced desktop uploading software for Windows or Mac computers, along with a website so your can manage videos "with more than just your thumbs." In addition, the app is now optimized for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, and lets you share footage with contacts and publish using Facebook or Twitter. All videos are now private by default and users will enjoy unlimited space to stock videos until Cloudee emerges from beta -- at which point, Boxee may require an upgrade to its premium service to add additional content. So, if you're interested in crossing the video sharing bridge while avoiding the trolls, check the source to see how to sign up.