Users reporting a big bag of hurt with iTunes Match and iOS 6

Victor Agreda Jr
V. Jr|09.26.12

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Victor Agreda Jr
September 26th, 2012
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Users reporting a big bag of hurt with iTunes Match and iOS 6

I don't use iTunes Match and I probably never will. I have seen a constant stream of complaints from people who use the service, with their music libraries unceremoniously deleted, re-downloaded and deleted again -- and that's just one of the many issues I've seen since the service began. Now iOS 6 appears to add another irksome wrinkle into Apple's service.

Detailing a number of issues in iOS 6 pertaining to iTunes Match on his iPhone, Apple Discussions member Steve Lawrence notes that:

  • Once you have downloaded music to your iPhone, you can no longer delete it. Which means that eventually your iPhone will be full.*
  • You cannot decide to download just the tracks you want to listen to from an album any more. It's the whole thing or nothing.

Another user reports maddening issues with corrupted songs.

Since the beginning, there has been a lot of confusion as to how Match does its thing. Apple doesn't really provide a streaming music service, where all your stuff is somewhere accessible via the cloud, but instead offers your music available for download on any device at a given time.

*In fact, iOS 6 manages the memory automatically, deleting the oldest and least played songs first. Still, why not allow a user to control this? What happens when your device is almost full but you want to download a huge app like Infinity Blade? Automatic is great, just give us a manual override.

Are you seeing issues with iTunes Match on iOS 6? Are you happy with the service?

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