AMD Trinity desktop chips due next week, promise Core i5-matching power at Core i3 price

Being the industry underdog means you're always in need of a punchy pitch. Fortunately, AMD's latest briefing to journalists in London yesterday contained exactly that: for something like the cost of an Intel Core i3 you'll be able to pick up an overclockable Trinity A10-5800K which, we're told, belongs in the same weight class as a Core i5 with HD 4000 graphics. Exact pricing won't be revealed until the full stack of A10, A8, A6 and A4 processors hits shelves next week, but the top-end A10 will likely cost around $130, based on recent leaks and a glance at what Newegg currently charges for an i3. Unluckily, however, whereas Ivy Bridge was compatible with some previous-generation motherboards, Trinity will require the purchase of a new Socket FM2 motherboard.

The claim of performance parity with the Core i5 just cries out to be tested, but we'll have to wait until early October before we can round up verdicts from full reviews on specialist sites. In the meantime, check out the More Coverage links below for some early previews. Also, if you require something more directly head-to-head with an Intel chip, then that's exactly what you'll find in the video after the break, albeit under AMD's auspices and solely in relation to a single game, Sleeping Dogs. As you'll see, there's nothing to turn hardcore gamers against discrete graphics cards, and there are no clues about non-gaming performance (which is arguably more relevant on an APU-powered system). But the quad-core A10-5800K does offer plenty of scope for escapism on a low-power HTPC or all-in-one. Indeed, the more expensive Core i5 is left for dust, not least because it's locked -- unlike AMD, Intel charges a premium for its overclockable K-denoted chips. We'll add further preview links as they become available.

Update: Just added HotHardware's preview, which shows that the A10 really does game as well as our video suggests in addition to providing a mostly fluid computing experience. As mentioned, however, it's impossible to reach a final verdict until AMD allows sites to publish full benchmarks next week.