Codemasters not ruling out Wii U ports

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Sinan Kubba
September 27th, 2012
Codemasters not ruling out Wii U ports

A Wii U version of Grid 2 isn't being ruled out, Codemasters tells us. The British studio announced the racing sequel for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC last month, but not Wii U. However, Grid 2 Associate Producer Iain Smith told Joystiq "there's every opportunity at some point down the line" for the racer to come to Wii U.

"It's not being ruled out certainly," Smith said, "And certainly [that applies] across all Codemasters titles. Some platforms are more appropriate for certain types of games, but we just have to make decisions as and when they're appropriate. We can't say too much more at the moment."

Last month Codemasters said its Formula 1 annual series isn't coming to Wii U anytime soon. F1 2012 Game Director Paul Jeal told Digital Spy that the company saw F1 Race Stars as more suited to the Wii U audience. Clearly Codemasters has concerns over whether its mainline racing franchises will do well on Nintendo's new platform, but not enough to rule out Grid 2 one day coming to it.

We talked more with Codemasters about Grid 2, looking at how differences in tech from the first game are taking hold. Before that goes up, there are brand new videos to enjoy.

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