Rumor: Nexon and NCsoft eye Valve buyout

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|09.27.12

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Rumor: Nexon and NCsoft eye Valve buyout
Rumor Nexon and NCsoft eye Valve buyout
A South Korean newspaper is reporting that MMO companies Nexon and NCsoft are joining forces to consider buying Valve. The two companies have been gathering together funds via stock sales and real estate deals. A meeting between the three companies supposedly happened in Hawaii on September 26th to haggle on a $893 million-plus deal.

The three companies are already entangled in various business dealings. Nexon is NCsoft's biggest shareholder, and both companies have titles represented on Valve's Steam service. Additionally, Nexon licenses Counterstrike in Asia and announced that Counterstrike 2 was on the way.

NCsoft said that "there is no truth to this rumor" while Nexon refused to comment. Valve has been the subject of other attempted buyouts, including a reportedly $1 billion-plus deal from EA. Valve CEO Gabe Newell has gone on record saying that it would be more likely for Valve to disband than the company selling out.
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