Samsung aims to become key player in digital content distribution through company buyouts

The writing has been on the wall ever since Samsung's acquisition of mSpot, but the Korean firm today confirmed to Reuters that it plans to join the ranks of Apple, Google and Amazon in the world of digital content distribution. Most importantly, it plans to do so through buyouts. Samsung executive Kang Tae-jin offered a rather frank overview of the company's ambitions, saying that it will grow Music Hub into one of the top four services in terms of revenue and subscribers within the next three years. According to Kang, the push isn't so much to tap a new source of revenue, but rather to drive hardware sales -- perhaps it sees Apple's rumored move into music streaming as a bit of a threat. That said, the announcement also dovetails with rumblings of Samsung's efforts to build a more self-sufficient software ecosystem. Whatever the true reason, we'd imagine that the folks at Pandora, Spotify and the like are now watching the phone a bit more intently. Wouldn't you?