Jolla resuscitates MeeGo with 'Sailfish' OS, plans to show off new device this November

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If competition breeds innovation, then there's plenty promise in this latest mobile development from Jolla. The Finnish company, comprised of former Nokia employees, is poised to enter yet another combatant to the wireless arena with a MeeGo-based OS, codenamed "Sailfish," as early as this November. According to The Wall Street Journal, an initial round of funding has raised €200 million to push the effort forward and the small start-up is investing €10 million of its own to bolster the platform's prospects. Having been recently abandoned by Elop and co. after the arrival of the N9, this iteration of the operating system will continue to be open source and should pave the way for OEM adoption, although certain aspects of the UI will be licensed. According to CEO Jussi Hurmola, the new hardware's expected to hit next month -- just in time for a glut of other smartphone bows. Until then, we'll reserve our judgment and hope for the best.

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