Engadget Mobile Podcast 154 - 10.03.2012

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|10.03.12

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Engadget Mobile Podcast 154 - 10.03.2012

This edition of the Engadget Mobile Podcast finds the Engadget Mobile Podcasters at a super-geeky Finnish summer camp. Click the "play" button for a recap of the hottest trends in a land where it's almost always -- even during summer camp -- very, very cold, like rally racing, optical image stabilization, and fabricating GIFs out of nothing but pure magic.

Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Brad Molen
Guest: Joseph Volpe
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Tycho - Coastal Brake (Ghostly International)

00:05:45 - Engadget visits Nokia House wrap-up: Stephen Elop Q&A, Lumia 920 camera tests and more
00:38:30 - LG Optimus G: hands-on with Korea's latest powerhouse (video) (updated)
01:09:27 - LG Intuition review: Optimus Deja Vu with a Verizon LTE twist
01:12:40 - AT&T 4G LTE adds Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Express and Galaxy Rugby Pro to lineup
01:18:39 - HTC's Windows Phone 8X vs. the competition: fight!
01:20:50 - Windows Phone 8S by HTC hands-on: a bright Windows phone that holds promise (video)
01:21:15 - Windows Phone 8X by HTC hands-on: Microsoft's modern mobile OS personified in polycarbonate
01:23:45 - Windows Phone 8X by HTC: 4.3-inch 720p display, LTE, dual-core S4, available this November
01:30:50 - Motorola RAZR i: hands-on with the 2GHz Android phone (video)
01:32:00 - Motorola announces Intel-powered RAZR i, launches in Europe next month
01:35:23 - Sony Xperia T review: a new 4.6-inch smartphone flagship that isn't quite new enough
01:35:43 - Sony Xperia TL joins AT&T's 4G LTE lineup as official James Bond phone
01:41:30 - Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G review: T-Mobile's QWERTY slider falls flat
01:46:45 - Tim Cook apologizes for Maps mess
01:51:00 - iPhone 5 review
01:55:20 - iOS 6 review
01:58:28 - Verizon CFO buries his head in the sand, claims unlimited data is 'going by the wayside'
02:01:48 - RIM: first BlackBerry 10 devices to focus on mid-range and up, entry-level may be ready in 2013

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