Project: Gorgon hits Kickstarter

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Project: Gorgon hits Kickstarter
Project Gordon hits Kickstarter
Touted as "an indie MMO by industry veterans," Project: Gorgon has launched a bid for public affection (and donations) on Kickstarter. The effort is being spearheaded by Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers, who've worked on titles like Asheron's Call, Asheron's Call 2, EverQuest II, and Star Trek Online. Project: Gorgon is meant to promote and reward exploration and remove constrictions on gameplay. Its creators are calling it a "thoroughly modern MMO" with a "quirky, old-school feel."

The details of the game's cost and possible subscription fees haven't been finalized yet, but the rewards that have been set out seem to be hinting to a free-to-play model paired with subscriptions for extra access and goodies. Rewards include alpha and beta access, game time, special items (including a vial of -- we kid you not -- "wolf spit"), and the opportunity to vote on game features in beta and shortly after launch.

Hit up the Kickstarter page to let the team speak for itself, or skip below the cut to see some pre-alpha footage of the game.

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