Old-School RPG Kickstarter update details game's story

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Old-School RPG Kickstarter update details game's story
The "old-school RPG" Kickstarter by industry vets Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall took some lumps the other day for not revealing more about the game's story. Today the pair rectified the criticism on the project's Kickstarter page.

Two games are planned if the project reaches a $1.9 million stretch goal, one designed by Brathwaite and the other by Hall; both will take place in the same universe. The first game is about James Connelly, an employee of Shaker, "a Bridge corporation between time and worlds." For a fee, the employees can become anyone. An incident occurs and Connelly is stuck in his form on a medieval era planet, with no way home.

The second game, which only happens if the Kickstarter reaches the outer milestone, would follow Darien Cole, a rising star at Shaker who is affected by the same incident. The game's Kickstarter page gets into far more detail.

With 30 days to go, the project has received $167,048 of a $1 million goal.
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