War of the Roses publisher announces permanent franchise team

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War of the Roses publisher announces permanent franchise team
Paradox Interactive has announced its recently released War of the Roses will receive a permanent franchise team to support the series, led by executive producer Gordon Van Dyke.

"The game's reception from players has exceeded expectations and we are truly grateful for the continued support from the community," said Van Dyke, who had previously been a producer on the Battlefield series for six year before joining Paradox in May of 2011. "We'll continue to improve the game and add substantial content for all players."

We reached out to Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester and asked why he has such faith in this series less than a week after launch. The executive told us, "It's based on the fan feedback and the sales numbers so far. Our goal is to continue improving the game together with the fans."

War of the Roses, which launched at a value price of $30, is expected to have monthly content updates. If you know nothing about this game, check out our previously recorded JoyStream.%Gallery-165451%
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