Boxee TV streaming / OTA set-top box and DVR pics leak out

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If you've been wondering "what will Boxee do next?" there appears to be an answer. A tipster has sent The Verge pics of a new set-top box, still built by D-Link, that ditches the original's angular design for a more conventional shape and integrates live TV tuning support as well as DVR capabilities. There's no word on the storage capabilities, but the box advertises an included antenna and remote (lightly refreshed, losing the QWERTY keyboard) and implores owners to "stop wasting money on stuff you don't watch." Boxee's healthy support for internet content, both streamed and locally stored, is still intact and a survey suggests support for viewing content on mobile devices. Not mentioned? Cloudee integration or any cable TV support, encrypted, ClearQAM or otherwise. There's a few more pics beyond the source link, we'll start updating our CES watchlist now.

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