CCP still iterating on EVE's bipedal gameplay

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.08.12

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CCP still iterating on EVE's bipedal gameplay
CCP still iterating on EVE's Incarna gameplay
EVE Online's bipedal avatar gameplay has a long history. What started as simply "walking in stations" morphed into a concept called Ambulation before finally seeing the light of day during 2011's Incarna expansion.

Internet spaceship fans revolted, though, and CCP was forced to shelve its goals for fleshing out the New Eden universe. Apparently the mothballing was temporary, as CCP's Ned Coker recently explained to PCGamesN. "Incarna and avatar gameplay is definitely not shelved indefinitely, it's just not being worked on actively in full production right now," he said.

EVE devs are tinkering with new Incarna prototypes that feature more actual gameplay as opposed to the single-player sitting-on-your-couch-and-surfing-the-market experience offered by the current captain's quarters implementation. Coker says that one of the prototypes involves deep space dead ship discovery wherein players will leave their pods and explore dangerous bits of wreckage.
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