G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad ups the ante on iPad protection

The Extreme Sleeve 2 from G-Form is protective enough that you can drop a bowling ball on your iPad and it will survive the impact. Though I didn't go to such extreme measures, I did try the Extreme Sleeve 2 and can confirm that the US$70 sleeve offers exceptional impact protection for everyday use of your iPad.


The G-Form sleeve is a semi-bulky case made of G-Form's RPT (Reactive Protection Technology). It's a composite blend of PORON XRD material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology. The material is flexible, and slightly squishy. It reminds me of a 1/4-inch thick piece of very firm memory foam. The outer skin is rubbery and smooth to the touch, but not slippery. The indentations on the case surface make it easy to grip and provide protection during an impact. The case also has a beefy zipper to hold your iPad safely in its place.

Unlike the original sleeve, the Extreme Sleeve 2 has improved edge and zipper protection to keep your iPad safe and sound inside the protective casing. It's roomy enough to fit the iPad 2 with a Smart Cover, but not one with a Smart Case. The Smart Case-enclosed iPad is a tight fit and I noticed that it stretched out the stitching on the sides of the sleeve a bit.


I have a handful of children, which gives me ample opportunity to test the durability and protective qualities of a product. I usually use an OtterBox case on my iOS devices, but I removed the bulky case from my iPad 3 and replaced it with the Extreme Sleeve for a few weeks. I'm happy to report that the G-Form sleeve did an excellent job protecting my iPad from everyday accidents and falls.

On several occasions, my iPad was dropped to a wood floor, as well as stepped on and sat on by children under the age of 10. In all these cases, the iPad emerged unscathed. Nestled in the sleeve, I tossed the iPad in the back of the car, dropped it in the wagon while apple picking and carried it around while shopping. Once again in these circumstances where a device will get bounced, buried or bumped, the tablet emerged without a scratch.


I would trust the Extreme Sleeve 2 to protect an iPad under most normal circumstances. I used the case without being extra cautious with my iPad and the G-Form sleeve protected the iOS device the entire time. It was also reassuring to know that my iPad was safe inside the sleeve -- I did not panic when my one-year-old took off with my iPad and threw it to the ground before I grabbed it away from him.

Though it's fantastic for normal oopsies, I didn't test the sleeve under extreme circumstances as I was not prepared to risk my $600 iPad 3. It's worth noting that G-Form's one-year limited warranty covers the sleeve itself, but not any damage to the device. If you accidentally drive over your iPad with your car and it breaks inside the sleeve, G-Form is not responsible for your broken iPad.


The G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 is a very protective sleeve that doesn't add too much bulk to the iPad. It has a beefy zipper and stitching that looks like it will last for years.


The Extreme Sleeve 2 holds only a naked iPad or one with a Smart Cover. It won't hold an iPad with a bulkier case. Because it is a sleeve, you have to remove the iPad to use it.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants a protective case for their barely clothed iPad.