Multiple Foxconn labor disputes disrupt iPhone production

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In the last week, Foxconn faced several rounds of labor disputes that threatened to slow iPhone 5 production, says a report by Bloomberg. The disputes occurred on October 1, October 2 and on October 5. In each case, the company had to stop production lines after workers protested overly strict working conditions.

Bloomberg claims the Asian manufacturer lost two work shifts on October 5 at its Zhengzhou plant when workers became frustrated by increased pressure to keep the iPhone 5 free from scratches. Scratching of the iPhone 5's outer casing has been reported among owners who discovered the blemishes when they opened their new iPhone. China Labor Watch believes over 3,000 workers were involved in this mass walkout that halted iPhone 5 production for an entire day.

Foxconn confirmed there were two isolated disputes between production teams and quality control teams at the company on October 1 and October 2. The manufacturer denied reports that iPhone 5 production stalled. Foxconn also declined to comment on the alleged October 5 incident and Apple has not commented on any of these incidents.

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