Sony Alpha NEX-6 sample shots and video

Sony Alpha NEX6 sample shots and video

Sony's fourth member of the acclaimed NEX family of cameras, the NEX-6, predictably slots in between the 5N and 7 in its mirrorless product lineup. We've seen the 6 hardware a few times, and now we've gotten to take some pictures with the thing. Want to know how its 16.1-megapixel APS-C sensor performed? Check out our gallery below and head on past the break for a video sample and our impressions.

Sony Alpha NEX6 sample shots and video

As a heavy user of the NEX-C3, we were right at home using the NEX-6, as the camera's UI is quite similar. However, in our time with the newest NEX, we really came to appreciate its integrated OLED EVF and additional manual controls. We particularly enjoyed the primary and secondary mode dials, which allow for simple and fast switching between shooting modes and relevant mode settings. That speed and flexibility allowed us to easily adjust to varied light settings on the fly as we went from indoor to outdoor shooting locales. Unfortunately, we didn't get to test out Sony's new 16-50mm power zoom lens, but we did put the NEX-6 through its paces using the familiar 18-55mm kit glass that came with our NEX-C3. With that lens, the NEX-6 performed well both in dimly lit situations and in bright sunlight. Of course, it can't capture full-frame shots like its cousins the RX1 or the A99, but our results were good in a variety of environments, and we managed to get a few stunning long-exposure night shots of San Francisco.

As for video recording, the NEX-6 was able to record 720p video with aplomb. Unlike the RX1, it didn't pick up any wind noise when filming outside nor did it suffer from the clicking noise problem that once plagued the 5N. Color reproduction was good, though far off subjects were a bit washed out when compared to those closer to the camera. Overall, the camera was quite capable of grabbing quality clips, and you can check out our sample video below.