Four Microsoft Windows 8 demo videos sneak online (update 2: videos are back up)

Microsofts Windows 8 commercials sneak online video

As we get closer to Windows 8's October 26th launch, expect the floodgates to open on a barrage of tidbits, insider peeks and revelations. One such early arrival is these four clips, lasting just under a minute, that demonstrate some of the new features that'll soon arrive on your computer, tablet or hybrid. We've included them for you after the break, but be warned -- there's no Alex Clare blasting in the background like those catchy Internet Explorer ads, so we'll just have to sing it ourselves. On three... "and it feels. like. I. am. just. too. close. to. love. you..."

Update: Looks like all four videos have been pulled. Good thing you only have to wait two weeks or so to view them through more official channels.

Update 2: The videos are still scrubbed from YouTube, but we've salvaged the footage and have given it a new home after the break.