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Apple likely to reveal iPad mini on October 23rd, reports AllThingsD

Rumors about the iPad mini are really starting to heat up and alleged leaks of the body are hitting the web with machine gun-like regularity. Now AllThingsD claims to have another piece of the puzzle -- when. According to "people familiar" with the matter, Apple is scheduling a press event for October 23rd, where it will likely take the wraps off its latest (and smallest) tablet offering. The outlet reported a similar rumor ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, insisting that the littlest slate would be held until October. Now, here we are -- it's October -- and we're still waiting for our invitations. As usual, you'll be the first to know when ours arrives and we can confirm the when and where (and we think you already know the what). As for the how and why? Well, that we're just going to have to wait and see.

Update: Others are now chiming in to say they've confirmed the date with their own sources, including Reuters and Jim Dalrymple of The Loop.