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Claimed iPad mini shell reappears, now with more rear camera and less Mr. Blurrycam

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The last time we saw the purported iPad mini's aluminum backing, someone forgot to turn on a light. There's no such murkiness with NetEase's fresh turn at pre-release photography. Its view of a WiFi model gives us both a much clearer look as well as some hints that Apple wants more than a basic slab at the iPad's potential new entry level: there's a conspicuous cutout for what's likely a rear-facing camera, along with space in the top frame for a front camera. We've already seen the mini dock connector that fits in that hole at the bottom edge, of course. Nothing's definite unless there's either a smoking gun leak or an official event, but we may have just a month to wait to know whether or not the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch has some fresh competition.

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