Apple to hold conference for iDevice accessory makers, school them in using Lightning connectors

Alexis Santos
A. Santos|10.18.12

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Apple may have shaken things up with its Lightning connector's unique internals, but a leaked schedule reveals it's holding a conference to help accessory makers get a handle for crafting products with the tech. Taking place between November 7th and 9th in Shenzhen, China, the MFi (Made for iPad / iPhone / iPod) Technology Summit will acquaint manufacturers with the new standard and guidelines for developing gear with the cable. Rather than divulging how to create Lightning connectors, it appears that Apple will be keeping the specifications close to its vest and assume the mantle of gatekeeper. According to one of TechCrunch's sources, Apple will control the supply of pins for its connector and will only sell them to partners when accessories meet Cupertino's standards. This tactic would match up nicely with the current requirements for the MFi certification program, which already makes parts from Apple-approved suppliers a necessity. It sounds like a potentially pricey proposition, but the source also claims that Cook and Co. have a fair asking price for components doled out in bulk, considering the technology behind them. Curious to see what else is on the docket for the three day shindig? Hit the first source link below for the full schedule.

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