Carmageddon for iOS out now, free for a day

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.17.12

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Carmageddon for iOS out now, free for a day

Carmageddon is an old PC title from the company now called Stainless Games, and earlier this year, they held a Kickstarter to update the game and release it out on iOS. The Kickstarter got funded, and Stainless has now delivered on its promise, and released the title on Apple's App Store. The new version works pretty much the same way the old version worked: It's a racing game where your goal is often to simply cause as much carnage as possible, hitting opponent cars and drilling pedestrians for more points and time on the clock. The graphics haven't been completely updated (the cars are basically still just standard polygons), but the UI is cleaner, a physics engine has been added in with power-ups and other goodies, and there is a really robust replay system, which lets players save their best shots and stunts on video, and edit and upload those to YouTube and other video sharing services.

And here's the best part: As a reward to the game's Kickstarter backers, Carmageddon is completely free to download today. Definitely go pick it up right now, whether you're interested or not, because there's no reason not to. After today, it'll go back up to the standard price of US$1.99 -- still cheap, but not quite as cheap as free. It's good to see a promised Kickstarter project come all the way out to fruition, and good on Stainless for keeping all of their promises. No doubt we'll see them back on Kickstarter with another project soon.

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