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Google introduces Maps Tracks and Geolocation APIs, awaits your next location-enabled application

In its never-ending quest to dominate the global mapping scene, Google has just rolled out a new pair of APIs designed to help organizations build their own location-enabled applications. The first is Google Maps Tracks API, which gives developers the ability to concoct apps that can store, display and analyze GPS data on a map. In other words, those in need of a geofencing program -- fleet managers and the like -- need look no further. Secondly, there's the Google Maps Geolocation API, which "enables an application or device to determine its own location without the use of GPS by looking up the locations of nearby WiFi access points and cell towers." It's pretty clear that enterprises are the target here, but it seems like only a matter of time before consumer-facing location apps tap into 'em. After all, the world needs more indoor mall apps. Fact.