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Delta Six controller gets redesigned, Kickstarted

Delta Six controller gets redesigned, Kickstarted
Sean Buckley
Sean Buckley|@seaniccus|October 18, 2012 9:16 AM

Most video game controllers sporting a firearm form factor are a far cry from realistic -- bright colors, odd shapes and obvious thumbsticks leave many accessories looking more like toys than weapons. Not David Kotkin's Delta Six. This gun-shaped controller's first prototype looked so much like a real rifle, Kotkin told us, it had to be redesigned. An orange tip, whitewashed body and a few less authentic looking components don't make the Delta Six look any less believable as a digital soldier's modern musket, but it does make it less likely to be mistaken for the real McCoy. The peripheral's internals haven't changed though -- an accelerometer to help players aim and turn, cheek-sensing pressure sensors (for looking down the scope), faux-recoil and its assortment of modular components are still all on target.

Like all budding hardware projects these days, the Delta Six is looking towards the crowd to source its production. According to the peripheral's Kickstarter page, the Delta Six will be available between July and August next year, boasting compatibility with the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U and even the OUYA. Pitching in $89 buys the basic submachine gun body (with a free rifle attachment for first-week buyers), and subsequent levels tack on additional attachments, bonus items and more. Kotkin needs $500,000 to make his rifle-shaped dream a reality. Like-minded FPS gamers can join him at the source link below. Not a dreamer? Feel free to read on for the official press release (plus a video and an additional image), instead.

DNP  Delta Six controller gets redesigned, Kickstarted

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Delta Six Game Gun Redesigned in Response to Questions
About Its Appearance

Inventor David Kotkin announced today that his Delta Six project is getting a make-over. After the initial announcement of the Delta Six gaming controller hit the media, an unfortunate controversy erupted over its appearance. "The toy gun looked too realistic and was consequently considered threatening by some critics," said Kotkin. While many reviewers applauded the enhanced realism of the new game gun, anecdotal evidence suggested that some video game critics were opposed to it. Citing the controversy, a small number of potential investors began backing away from providing funding. Deciding to find new backers, Kotkin submitting Delta Six to Kickstarter, a leading source of the new enterprise of "crowd funding." It seems likely that success on Kickstarter will fully revive the project.

"Gamers have been disappointed with other game guns and this has made them skeptical concerning the technological advancements the gun represents," said Kotkin. "It reminded them of the disappointments they had experienced with Wii or Sony's Move when it comes to shooters. What gamers need to understand, we are not trying to shoot and then play golf or bowling,"Kotkin continued. "I am focused like laser on one thing, making this so good that an owner of a Delta will want to reach for it when playing a First Person Shooter. Delta will do whatever a standard controller can do and play all Xbox games or PS3 games. With an adapter a Delta can be used with a PC.

Kickstarter's crowd funding should be perfect platform for this." Kotkin's record as an inventor who has brought working models to market in recent years will also help Kickstarter ensure that contributors are not supporting a product that lacks true market potential.

Here are the modifications that have been made and additional pieces of information that respond to the criticisms of the prototype:

Delta Six will now be offered an all-white shell with an orange tip to make it less realistic

Delta shoots no projectiles, stays indoors and is safer than a water pistol or Nerf gun

Patented technology is employed by the Delta Six that was not available in older systems.

The Delta gun can transform from larger for more game immersion. Then can be made small for more gaming advantage and comfort

The recoil has an on/off switch that may be used if its default action is too realistic for some players

Realistic zoom and reloading features are an optional features that can be replaced by using speed buttons on the outside of the Delta

The gaming advantages include:

Button placement is arranged so that every finger is either touching a button or is near one

When Delta is broken down it is as light at as a 360 controller, so it can be comfortable to use with one-handed operation even while lying in bed

The aiming joy stick becomes the Delta, in a mode similar to the motion sensor of the IPad when the iPad is rocked to initiate action

The accelerometer interprets the joy stick so targeting is as fast, as it would be with a joystick and about the same effort.

"This project should not miss its market simply because it was misunderstood," said Kotkin.He hopes that gamers will support the Delta Six and judge this technologically advanced gaming gun on its merits. Kotkin also announced that contributors who support Delta Six on Kickstarter will receive rewards. One is getting an exclusive Delta blow back Desert Eagle game gun.

Delta Six controller gets redesigned, Kickstarted