Engadget Podcast 314 - 10.19.2012

The Engadget Podcast mini. Same wow, more go. Now available in the same colors it's always been available in.

Hosts: Brian Heater, Dana Wollman
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Orbital - Never

02:00 - Microsoft reportedly building up to 5 million Surface tablets for the fall
16:44 - Microsoft Surface for Windows RT pricing now official: tablet starts at $499, keyboard not included
21:04 - Microsoft turns Surface tablet into a skateboard, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky takes it for a spin
22:11 - Apple announces 'Special Event' for October 23rd -- we'll be there live!
34:20 - Google 11.6-inch ARM-based Samsung Chromebook hands-on (update: video)
38:12 - We have lift off: Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull Stratos launch for record-breaking space jump, watch right here (update: done!)
42:50 - Engadget Eurocast 001 - 10.18.2012

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